The Ossau valley

Neighbouring region to the Nay region, the Ossau Valley offers a wide variety of natural sites in the heart of the Pyrenees, ski resorts, hydrotherapy, sports and leisure activities. It is also the cradle of pastoralism, with its cheese fair and transhumance.


The Ossau Valley is one of Béarn's three large mountain valleys. It stretches geographically from north to south over about fifty kilometres from Rébénacq (15 km from Pau) to the Col du Pourtalet (at the Spanish border).

It made up of two cantons: in the lower part of the valley is the canton of Arudy with a Pyrenean foothills landscape. In the upper part of the valley is the canton of Laruns that offers low, mid and high altitude mountains.

Crossed by the Gave d'Ossau, the parent branch of the Gave d'Oloron, and dominated by the Pic du Midi d'Ossau, which rises to 2884 meters, it's the easternmost of the three Béarn valleys digging out the Pyrenees mountain range.

It is connected to the Nay Region (Ouzom Valley) and the Lavedan (Argelès-Gazost), to the east via the Col d'Aubisque; and Aragon, to the south through the Col du Pourtalet.

The village of Laruns (heart of the Ossau valley) is located 34 km from the Nay Region (38 min).