The Nay Region is bursting with flavourful treasures.
Quality local produce, renowned meats and cooked pork meats, fresh seasonal vegetables, these are all the things you'll find in the Nay Region's markets.
Each week in Nay, Bordes and Arros-Nay you will be greeted by all the friendliness of the shop owners and residents!
A special meeting place, this is also where, if you listen carefully, you will hear Béarnese spoken!

The Arros Nay market
Thursday mornings, in the halls.

Bordes market
Saturday mornings, place Jean Noguès.

Focus: the Nay market (Tuesday and Saturday mornings)
Established in 1302, the Nay market is now the second largest rural market in the department. It takes place in a unique architectural setting in the heart of the Béarnaise walled town on the large rectangular square surrounded by arcades, and in the halls, under the municipal building.
Tuesday and Saturday mornings, Place de la Republique.